The hands and Heart behind the Jewellery

Hello! I’m Rita, a Portuguese micro macrame jewellery maker and a recent metalsmith!
I’m passionate about creating in any and every way! I feel inspired by and drawn to nature exploration, slow living, photography, toooools, music, deeply connecting, the sea, stones, spirituality, symbolism, surfing, painting, authenticity and beauty, just to name a few! Although I never studied art, I have a creative nature, as we all do, and believe that nurturing that nature has an unexplored potential in all aspects of our development. I wish to explore it while having the time of my life!

My path has been everything but linear and yet creativity and craftsmanship have always been present. Imagining, designing and creating macrame started in 2013, when an incredible 8 months trip around Asia awakened and boosted my creative Self. (This was after a 5 years course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a degree in Management and some years of working in the corporate world) Since then, what first started as a hobby has turned into a passion and full time occupation, now also combined with metalsmithing.

I love what I do and work with a purpose, doing my part for a world I believe in; a world of truthfulness to oneself with all the power it implies.

This sounds beautiful but it is not easy...finding my way back to mySelf and creating from a place of truth, trust and pure creative flow has always been The challenge and last year, I actually needed a break and a creative RESET!

Here’s where I now stand:

In this apparently busy world, we tend to forget our connection with the source, and with our true nature. I believe that what we choose to wear reflects who we are and how we feel. I also believe that we can influence how we feel and remind ourselves of who we are, by what we wear. A piece of jewellery is an adornment; adornments are symbols and symbols have power. You can believe they have the power to bring you something...I believe what they bring is the remembrance or the awakening of something you already are/have within. So my purpose is to create powerful and meaningful jewellery that (re)connects you to your true essence, that makes you feel Unique (as you are), Strong, Happy and thus Beautiful.
As you look around, take a deep breath and open your heart. I hope you find what is already yours.


You are Unique
Be Unique
Inside Out