Care, Maintenance and Repair

To take good care of your jewellery and make it last longer, please consider these recommendations: 

  • Avoid contact with water/moisture and chemicals. Always remove your jewellery when engaging in rough activities, exercising (sweating), going to the beach/pool/spa, swimming, bathing, cooking, cleaning, washing hands (rings), applying make up, perfumes or lotions, sleeping, etc.  
  • When not in use, store your jewellery in a bag, separate from other pieces (to avoid scratches) and in a clean, dry and cool location.
  • For metalsmithing, I use 24K gold plated brass (#micron plating for each piece will be in the product description page). Gold plating refers to bonding a layer of gold to a base metal. This layer will wear off with time and usage; its longevity will depend on factors such as how you care for it, how you store it and the natural PH of your skin.
  • For some Macrame pieces I may also use metal parts in zamak or stainless steel, gold or silver washed. The same care instructions apply.
  • Please consider that stones may appear rough and yet be soft, fragile, sensitive to certain chemicals or even to heat. Stones may be prone to breaking with rough treatment or impact so be extra careful when using jewellery pieces with stones. 
  • If your piece needs cleaning, use a clean, soft cloth or a very gentle brush. If there is dirt that could scratch the piece, you can also use some warm water but make sure to fully dry it before storage. Do not use any polishing or cleaning compound as these may remove the gold layer of your plated jewellery.

If you need further information, assistance or a repair please do not hesitate to contact me so we can explore options and solutions.