Talisman Collection

This collection was (very) slowly and intentionally created from a place of surrender, openness to growth, healing and Love. All pieces have symbols, all symbols have meaning and meaning with intention has Power. 

Besides the organic cotton pouch and the eco friendly box, every purchase includes a Booklet. This booklet is a guide, with Intention Setting instructions so you can turn your chosen piece into a personal Talisman. It also includes a Symbols Meaning Guide to assist you in “interpreting” the symbols on your piece. Last but not least, it includes a Poem. I wrote it! And it summarizes what I have learned in my latest magical rebirth experience.

All pieces are made of 24K gold plated brass (specific information will be in each product description page). Some pieces are made to order (they will be made for you after you order) and some are one of a kind / unique (ready to ship in a few days), please read about processing time in each product page.

Should you choose to buy a piece from this special collection, I sincerely hope it brings you Love, beauty and the remembrance of your own innate power ✨

I hope we can remember | I trust we’ll come to know | I wish us Love and miracles